Fixing ABS on my Passat - Part II

May 17, 2005

It seems like the ABS problem I wrote about before has nothing to do with my ignition switch, and more to do with the Left Rear ABS Outlet Valve.

I set up a VAG-COM diagnostics system using Ross Tech's Key-Com and an old laptop. That enabled me to download all the fault codes the car has stored since the last time it was in the shop (8 years, or so). The good news was that the engine and other systems only showed a low battery voltage. This was probably from when I came back from not driving the car for several weeks while I was in Thailand.

The bad news was that the ABS system reported "ABS Outlet Valve; Left Rear (N136)." I cleared the codes, restarted the car, noted the ABS light stayed on, and then checked the codes again. It showed the same fault.

I then tested the wiring from the ABS Control Module back to the valve and it showed an open circuit (should have read between 3.5 and 7.5 Ohms). So, I checked at the 15-pin connector on the Hydraulic Control System between pins 1 and 6. This showed open as well.

That's bad news because it means the problem is inside the ABS hydraulics module. Not even the dealer will open that up, and it costs $1500-$2000 for a new module. If it's just a loose wire, I could fix it. I'm tempted...

Today, the ABS light was off all day long. I didn't test to see if the ABS system actually worked (not easy to find a slick surface). Hmm, maybe just testing it made it feel better.

(78,400 mi)

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posted by PJ on Dec 06, 2006

Hello again. i've just left a question in the comments on the Part I of your "Fixing ABS on my passat" entry. Was just wondering if you could take a quick look? Also, if your problem IS in the ECU I have read a short message on a forum from an italian guy who said he had opened the ECU himself and spotted a broken wire which he re-soldered to fix the problem. Also there are people on ebay (of all places) that will recondition the control unit for something like $270 Hope this is of use to you, PJ

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