Flushing the Coolant on the Passat

May 18, 2005

Every two to three years, I've flushed the coolant on my Passat. It's not supposed to be necessary to do this more than every 5 years, but I tend to flush the system out whenever I need to take care of a seal or, say, the auxiliary water pump.

Since I noticed some leaking but can't quite pin it down, I'm going to try replacing some parts that have been around since day 1. These include the thermostat, the thermostat housing, and all the seals and o-rings in and around the thermostat housing.

I started by using a bottle of Granitize coolant flush. I dumped it in the reservoir yesterday, then drove around for a day with the heater on. This evening, with the car warmed up, I removed the coolant drain screw and drained the old coolant into a large bucket. I did this with the engine hot so that the thermostat would be open.

I used some normal tap water from a hose to flush as much of the old liquid out as possible, then I replaced the drain plug and re-filled with tap water. Tomorrow, I will take the car out for a 10 minute drive - again with the heater on. I'll re-drain the coolant (er...tap water), and replace all the parts mentioned above. Then I'll fill the system with new G12 fluid (my 95 Passat came with G12 from the factory) mixed with equal amounts of distilled water and the Granitize Coolant treatment.

(78,500 miles)

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